These are a few projects that I think reflect some of my general interests and activities.

A project for helping connect open source with the open source community.
Project Evergreen is an effort I started to provide clear, detailed, and practical resources to those looking to build modern, dynamic, performant, and evergreen web applications.
Co-working space I co-own in Newport, RI focused on providing an open space to work, study, and collobrate in a health conscious environment featuring standing desks and bike desks, all in a modern and comfortable setting. A great place to work from HOME!
Open source website project for the local tech meetup community Providence Geeks, that I helped lead for Kenzan and continue to maintain and help develop. Currently working on making the site performant and consideration for becoming a Progressive Web Application (PWA).
A local community group combining technology and civic action by finding and consuming open data sets to address challenges right here in Newport like roads and crosswalks placement, sea rise impact, and bicycle safety. Thinking globally, acting locally.
A local webapp I built to manage your issues and PRs in GitHub. It allows you to track issues and PRs assigned to you across all your repositories, both personal and subscribed.
Local home music studio I co-run in Newport, RI with my friend. A great place to come jam or lay down some tracks, but always keepin it reel.
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