Hello, I'm Owen Buckley! 👋

I find myself most passionate about helping people learn more about technology and how to improve their process and workflows. I like to do so through software projects that are well designed, tested, performant, and maintained in a way that advocates for both user and developer experiences. My broad range of technical knowledge and capabilities, creativity, interpersonal skills, and a good splash of entrepreneurial spirit make me a valuable contributor to any project.

The Greenhouse is my space for growing and building ideas, projects, and businesses with pragmatic technology solutions leveraging some of the best tools available today. Projects are designed and developed to be performant and maintainable, automated in their delivery (CI / CD) and most importantly, enable great user experiences (UX).

I'm always up to something online be it on twitter Medium, or around the local Rhode Island Tech Meetup Community, so I hope to hear from you!

Let's build something great!

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