I think the best way to tell you about myself is to show you what I am passionate about. Below are some featured articles and presentations I've worked on.

Embracing Web Standards

Date: 4/15/2024
Owen introduces Greenwood, a project focused on leveraging web standards and simplifying web development. Throughout the episode, they explore Greenwood's evolution, capabilities, and unique approach to application scaffolding and local development. From the emphasis on HTML and web components to Greenwood's seamless integration with HTMX, they uncover the project's vision to provide an onramp close to web standards.
It's time for the web to have some fun! Together, let's look at how we can take the Web Components we write for the web and push them all the way to the edge through server rendering, all while getting more HTML from our JavaScript!
TCO stands for Total Cost of Ownership, and in this talk I specifically call out to the web development community and posit that developer experience should be seen as a spectrum. Not every project needs the same tools and complex solutions all the time. My hope in this talk is that we can all come out of it thinking about our relationship with technology and productivity and how we can better balance the user experience.
For anyone who has always had that β€œlightbulb” moment but not sure how to realize it, this talk aims to help everyone realize a way to craft their own workflow and become a stronger advocate for their own success.
In this presentation, I discussed how Docker can help soften some of the thornier parts of implementing SSR, while maintaining great User Experiences (UX) and just as importantly, promoting good Developer Experiences (DX).
Presented at ProvJS, in this session I explored the motivations and implementations for why performance matters in modern web applications. Topics covered included Lighthouse, ES2015+, module bundling, and the Critical Rendering Path.
Short lightning talk created for Open Data Day as part of the Newport Data Project.
A presentation I did at a Kenzan Meetup on a project sponsored by Kenzan to redesign and rebuild the website for the local community meetup group Providence Geeks. Covered the entire process from design to delivery, and everything in between.
A talk I gave at BrooklynJS highlighting the need to cultivate developer experiences that value training, knowledge transfer, educational support and professional development to fuel digital transformations and yield better products and stronger technical teams.
Presentation I gave at ProvJS based on my article series for Kenzan that covered modern frontend development with Yarn, webpack and TypeScript. Included a code walkthrough on a webpack based React project.

JavaScript in 2017

Date: 8/3/2017
Kenzan Meetup presentation on the current state of JavaScript in 2017. Covered the history of JavaScript, ES2015+, package management, module bundling, and more.
Presentation I gave at the Linux Open Source Leadership Summit for Kenzan highlighting tips and features to use when managing an open source project in GitHub.
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